Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds

Paper Chase Results

The Results of our Spring 2017 Paper chase 

We have 142 riders join us for a beautiful day of riding across some spectacular countryside. Thank to everyone who came out and supported our pony Club. 

Hunting Pace Jumpers ideal time was 1:18
1st place, Dan Edenbaum, 
2nd place, 2 riders inclucing Katy Mathews: 
 3rd place, Part of the big group: Jason Kunkle, Norman, Lauren Schock, Erik Gudmundson, Courtney B, Julie Nafe, Chad Rosenberg, Brianna and Lisa Cauley,
4th place, Robin Tomosky
5th place, 2 riders, including Lisa Goodman
6th place tie: 5 people with Samantha Griest,
5 riders with Kathy Malm

Hunting Pace/ Non Jumpers Ideal Time 1:18
1st place: Jeanne Zappel and Jen Wilson. 
2nd place: Sam Kanuika

Leisure Pace/ Jumpers Ideal Time was 1:34
1st place: Stephanie Leavitt
2nd place: 3 riders including Arlene Julp
3rd place: 3 riders including Christin Hansberry, 
4th place: 2 ridesr including Hope Irwin
5th place: 3 riders including Nina Lyman
6th place: 4 riders including Rebekah Robinson

Leisure Pace/ Non Jumpers: Ideal Time 1:34
1st place: 2 riders including Pam Urban. No address, but 
 2nd place: 2 riders including Rebecca Tanis
3rd place: 3 riders including Lynne Pennypacker, no address, 
4th place: 2 riders including Vicki Rice, no address, 
5th place: Donna Steck McManhon
6th place: Barb Bloom

FALL paper Chase entry form